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Welcome to Queensland Machinery Agency

Since 2007, Queensland Machinery Agency (QMA) has been delivering incredible peace of mind to its many clients!

Reliability is a trait that is more than skin deep with QMA.

With over a decade of experience in the demanding agricultural machinery industry, we can do what we say we will do!

And rather than fixing problems, QMA is driven to solutions such as programmed maintenance to assist in eliminating the frustrations of breakdowns.

People across eastern Australia can testify to the incredible value… the awesome service… the world leading products that QMA bring to the demands of rural production!
Yes, QMA are preferred suppliers of new and used machinery, including Spare Parts, Workshop Repairs, Infield Service and Maintenance to the iconic products that so many progressive people use every day.

  • Agricultural & Construction:
    • YTO Group:
      • Tractors
      • Loaders
      • Forklifts
  • Stock Feeding:
    • Seko:
      • Unifeed Mixers
      • Compost Turner & Screeners
    • Supreme:
      • Vertical Feed Mixers
    • R&R:
      • Roller Mills
    • Hammer and Feed Mills
    • Grain Wetting Solutions
  • Grain Processing - Drying, Wetting, Handling, Transfer & Storage Solutions:
    • GT Mfg:
      • Dryers:
      • Conversions:
        • Diesel
        • Vapour
      • Aeration:
        • Kits
        • Controllers
    • Westfield:
      • Grain Augers (Screw Conveyors)
    • Conveyall:
      • Grain Conveyors.(Belt Augers)
    • Finch Industries:
      • Chaser Bins
  • Cropping & Tillage:
    • Grizzly:
      • Tillage
      • Offsets
  • Manure Management:
    • Ktwo
      • Manure Spreaders
  • Livestock Management:
    • Renco:
      • Pregnancy (Preg) and Ultrasonic Fat Scanners
  • Other:
    • Mini Jump Starter

Also agents for

  • Gehl Agriculture (Spare parts & Support)
  • Bare-Co
  • McCormack - Implements, Front End Loaders and Attachments
  • Ahrens M & S Silos and Sheds
  • Dennys Silos and Steam Flaking Systems
  • Seris - Boom Sprays and spot sprayers
  • Great Western Tillage
  • Mobil Lubricants
  • El-Gra - Post Drivers

For used machinery, please see Machinery (Used) page